Nice to Monaco Bus Experience: A Comprehensive Guide

Some say that you haven’t really seen the real side of any city, or country until you have traveled on the local bus system. Sure, the experience is slower, so you can take time to appreciate the view from the window, and you will most likely take the route not recommended by your satnav.

What I like about bus rides is not only that they are budget-friendly but also that, from the elevated position at the back of most vehicles, you get to see over the traffic, past walls, hoardings, and fences, and experience more than you would at street level.

Omio has the best choice of bus times from Nice. There are five a day, and they take between 30 and 40 minutes, depending upon the time of the day. The buses are direct, so you don’t need to make any changes, and they are inexpensive too.

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Nice to Monaco Bus: A Scenic Route to Discover

The best choice bus for an all-round scenic tour is the 607 from the Port in Nice. Tickets start at €2.50 one way, and be sure to beat the queues and buy your ticket ahead of time.

  • For a leisurely tour along the coast road, where you can take in the details of the expanses of beachfront or the dazzling yacht-filled harbors, then this is the route for you.
  • Buses are modern, clean, and air-conditioned.
  • There is free Wi-Fi, too, so you can keep your social media followers up to date, cascading your Riviera moments as you make your way along the glittering ribbon of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • There is another route, the 602, that can take you up into the mountains, along the winding roads of the corniche, from the tip of the Cap Ferrat to the eagle’s nest of the perfumed village of Eze.

Perhaps consider combining both routes to make the most of the scenic views in either direction or maximize your time in the principality of Monaco by riding the express service, 603.

Bus Lines to Consider: Finding Your Perfect Ride

The 607

  • The 607 takes about an hour, winding along the coast road, into Monaco.
  • Try and get a seat on the right-hand side of the bus for the best views.
  • Oftentimes there might be quite a queue, but the buses are sometimes double-length, so there will likely be room.
  • The buses run seven days a week, and at a frequency of four per hour (three at weekends), so if the first bus you see looks too full then it will only be a short wait for the next one.

There will be two lines, one where people need to buy a ticket from the driver, and another line for folks with pre-purchased, or season tickets. This line boards faster, so gets the better seat choice. Need I say more?

The 602

  • The 602 route takes twice as long, but then it covers far more territory.
  • If you want a broader look at the Riviera and perhaps take in some of the other sightseeing offers along the way, then perhaps this is the route for you.
  • This route will take you through Villefranche, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, and Eze Village, where you can hop on and off to enjoy sightseeing before you get to Monaco.

It runs Monday to Saturday at 7 a.m., 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 4:10 p.m., and 6:30 p.m., and stops in Casino Square in the heart of Monte-Carlo.

Book Bus tickets in advance and save
Get the best deals when you book your tickets in advance.

The 603

  • The 603 route is the express option that takes the motorway from Nice to Monaco. 
  • It’s not scenic, but it is ten minutes faster, and the view from La Turbie, the Monaco stop, is highly recommended.

 The bus leaves from the Vauban stop behind the railway station at 7:30 a.m., 9:40 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 3:25 p.m., 5:15 p.m., and 6:10 pm, and will be full of folks on their way to their day’s shift in Monaco.

Ticket Insights: Pricing and Where to Purchase

  • Tickets to ride on all bus services can be purchased at the point of departure. In Nice at the Port Tram Stop, there is a ticket machine where you can buy your ticket in advance of your travel.
  • As an alternative, you could buy a ticket from the driver on the day, but this will put you in the slow lane for boarding the bus!
  • A top tip is to get yourself a Ticket Azur, before you travel, which will give you an inclusive tram ride to the bus stop too, possibly saving you a walk in the morning too.
  • If you are going to be in the neighborhood for a little longer, and want to see more, then a great deal can be had between June and November.
  • This is called the Pass Sud Azur, which, for €35, will give you unlimited access to all of the region’s buses and trains for three days.

If you are in town for a week it’s just €50, which is tempting if you plan to see as much as possible, or if you want to get to Monaco over several days and see all the sights while saving money on accommodation. Monaco hotel prices are amongst the most expensive in all of Europe!

Bus Stops to Note: Must-Visit Spots on Your Journey

  • No trip to this stretch of the Riviera would be truly complete without a stop at the perfume mountain village of Eze.
  • From here you will get the famous eagle-eye view of the city and its glittering presence on the coastline.
  • In the village there are a host of artisan-run galleries and shops showcasing talent that is international in flavor, and at prices that might surprise.
  • At the Fragonard perfume factory, you can learn about the region’s intimate history of perfume development and production and try your hand at mixing a fragrance.

Travel Tips: Making Your Bus Journey Smooth and Enjoyable

  • If you are an early riser, then there is a bus trip here for you as the service starts at 7 in the morning, however, it is probably going to be full of folks off to start their morning shift in Monaco, so likely to be pretty full.
  • For most of us, getting a bus after the rush hour is the best bet. Hop on board after 9:30 in the morning for a relaxed start to the day.
  • While the buses are air-conditioned, it will still feel hot if you are sitting in direct sunlight, whether riding into Monaco or rolling home to Nice.
  • Get your breakfast before you get on board. No one eats in public in France, and certainly not on public transport. Avoid dirty looks and dark mutterings and let your tummy rumble until you reach that boulangerie at the next stop!
Book Bus tickets in advance and save
Get the best deals when you book your tickets in advance.

An Eco-Friendly Choice: Why Taking the Bus is a Green Option

Public transportation is by any measurement, quickly becoming the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way to get to where you need to go.

Many bus services run on biofuel, are electric, or are on their way to being converted to green tech. The best way to support this change is to use the service.  The more people that use these routes, the more likely funding for change will be forthcoming from investors.

Studies have shown that one bus can take twenty-five cars off the roads, which is no small reduction in emissions, or in traffic.

The buses oftentimes are able to use dedicated lanes and junctions, with traffic lights favoring them, making bus travel faster and less likely to be delayed.

Stories from the Road: Personal Experiences and Testimonials

We had a bus driver who was keen to show off his knowledge of English, and he made sure that his passengers didn’t miss a thing, although he did seem confused at one point as to which house belonged to Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. My guess was that it was none of them!

My top tip is to bring along your plug adapter so you can charge your phone. The newer buses have USB charging ports set into the seat console, but sometimes these can be damaged from heavy use. Of course, you can avoid this situation entirely by making sure you are fully charged before you leave for the day, but sometimes it’s hard being that competent on vacation!

Conclusion: Arriving in Monaco – The Start of Your Adventure

Home of the Glitterati, the city that has played host to Hollywood, the Grand Prix, superyachts, royalty, and more is laid out before you as you step off the bus in Casino Square.

The money you have saved by arriving in Monaco by bus can now be spent in the exquisite bakeries, with their extraordinary pastries, or visiting the food court by the old port, filled with amazing aromas, where the locals go to eat and to get ingredients.

Download an interactive app-based, walking tour and learn the secrets of this extraordinary and unique tiny country.

FAQs: Answering Your Pressing Questions About Nice to Monaco Bus Travel

Where Can I Buy a Bus Ticket?

Bus tickets can be purchased on the bus, at the first bus stop, or online.

How often do the buses run?

The bus along the coast road is the most popular option, and it runs every 15 minutes during the day, Monday to Friday. At the weekends, it runs every 20 minutes.

Are the buses wheelchair accessible?

The buses are wheelchair accessible and will have a dropped mid-point access, making independent travel possible.