5 Best Cities in Monaco: The Complete Guide

Monaco is one of the smallest sovereign states to exist and one of the least populated ones.

With a population density of merely 484 people per square mile, Monaco sits in the 213th spot in terms of population compared to all the other countries around the globe.

Despite that, Monaco is the best place to visit if you are looking for peak fashion and glamour, with many different cities epitomizing beauty and incredibly beautiful scenic views. 

However, when visiting, there are certain cities in Monaco that you must add to your itinerary, each with different reasons that add to their scenic beauty.

Let us look deeper into this as we cover five of the best cities to visit in this detailed guide, highlighting why they are such great places to add to your vacation in Monaco.

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Streets of Monaco

Best Cities in Monaco

Even though Monaco is known for its natural beauty and exotic marine life,  there are many cities situated within the state that is a highlight for different reasons, with some of them being the height of luxury and elegance, being one of the best cities to visit when looking to spend your vacation in true luxury.

Not just beauty and extravagance, but the lax border rules between cities in Monaco and other countries like France and Italy make Monaco such a convenient destination for spending your holidays.

Keeping this in mind, here is a list of some of the largest cities you need to visit if you plan to spend your holidays in Monaco.

Monte Carlo

Situated right before the Maritime Alps, Monte Carlo is one of the largest cities in Monte Carlo. It goes along the French Riviera and is home to one of the most beautiful sites the Riviera Monaco offers.

 Not only is this one of the largest cities in Monaco, but it is also incredibly beautiful and comprises a host of different tourist attractions that make it one of the best cities throughout the state.

When visiting Monaco, you will find yourself in Monte Carlo as the first stop to your vacation. This is because many buses and trains converge in this city, making it the first Monaco stop you will visit during your luxurious getaway.

However, spending a couple of days in this vibrant town is strongly recommended, as you will find out that Monte Carlo has a lot more to offer than the scenery.

If you are a foodie looking to try out new cuisines and cross noteworthy restaurant experiences off your Wishlist, you should treat yourself to one of three Michelin-star restaurants that will surely delight your tastebuds.

Once you have enjoyed a hearty and delicious meal, you can explore the town, visiting the beautifully decorated districts within the luxurious hotspot. The Boulevard des Moulins or the Princess Charlotte Boulevard are great places to start.

Home to the most Opulent boutiques worldwide and a wide selection of designer establishments, they are a hub for shopping anything haute couture.

When you feel like you have done enough shopping for a day, you can go to the Opera House to end your night with a decadent performance that will surely be a delight.

Besides that, Monte Carlo also comprises casinos that are considered the holy grail for every casino enthusiast out there. The Monte Carlo casino is among the many casinos throughout the cities that are praised by many as being one of the best ones in the world.

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Streets of Monte Carlo, Monaco

La Condamine

If Monaco is a coin and Monte Carlo is one side, La Condamine is the other.

This town comes after Monte Carlo as the second most significant town in Monaco and the second-ever town to have ever been developed after Monaco was declared a sovereign state.

La Condamine sits on the southwest side of Monaco and mostly consists of many business districts throughout Monaco. However, that does not mean this city has nothing to offer regarding tourism.

The city is situated along the coast, with most of the coastline hugging the city being taken over by the Port Hercules, which is a hotspot for all boat owners, specifically those with luxury yachts. 

The port has been deemed every luxury yacht owner’s paradise, providing the feeling of being transported to a luxury resort as soon as you arrive.

Many local businesses have also seemed to capitalize on this attention-grabbing attraction for all tourists. You will find different activities and other businesses setting up shop on the seafront.

This is why Port Hercules is an incredibly busy area, where you can enjoy the sites offered by the luxurious yachts, ride a go-kart, or enjoy some nice ice cream under the sunny strip.

Once you feel like you have had enough ice cream and yacht-watching for the day, another great place you can head over to is the Princess Caroline area.

Positioned a few minutes walk away from the hustle and bustle of the port, this smart district contains plenty of great stores you can shop from and bistros.

If you are looking for a spot within Monaco where you can relax all the while doing some shopping, then La Condamine is the perfect city due to its downtempo, relaxed environment, and aesthetic that exudes luxury that is maintained throughout the districts.

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Port Hercules in La Condamine, Monaco


This town is the definition of an underrated gem when it comes to Monaco Fontvieille was made during the 1970s and is considered one of the more recent cities within the state compared to larger cities such as Monte Carlo.

Most of the town consists of land that was a part of the sea and was reclaimed by Monaco. There was not enough space when this city was being developed, so most of this town comprised land salvaged from the sea.

Many tourists and state-wide tours tend to exclude Fontvieille from their itinerary. However, this city is incredibly underrated and is home to some breathtakingly beautiful sights and other interesting tourist attractions, making it a city worth visiting.

Although there are many districts within the town that you should visit, the city’s yacht harbor should be number one on your list of places to visit, being a fantastic starting point for your exploration journey through Fontvieille.

You should take some time to admire the beautiful yacht harbor, preferably from the Old Towa or the Exotic Garden, which offers the best view to enjoy the yachts and the natural beauty in all its glory.

Many apartments hug the harbor, mostly home to the yacht owners that park on the harbor. The apartment window directly overlooks the harbor, making it incredibly convenient for owners to closely monitor their belongings.

The entire town contains treats of nature situated within every other building and many structures, making Fontvieille one of the best cities throughout Monaco in terms of exploration.

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Fontvieille, Monaco


This city makes up the northern part of Monaco, and every tennis enthusiast or an admirer of finely crafted watches visits this city whenever they are visiting Monaco.

Even though several different points of interest make Saint-Roman one of the best cities to visit, the main famous Monte Carlo Tennis Club

s tourists to the town is a highly prestigious tennis club where the Rolex Masters is held annually. Not only that, but you book the court for yourself as well for private lessons and or to play a game with your friends, serving as a treat for all individuals passionate about tennis.


When you think Glamour in Monaco, the first thing that comes to any local’s mind is Moneghetti. This town is the epitome of glamour throughout Monaco’s entire state, comprising many shopping malls, making it a paradise that fulfills that itch to shop.

Moneghetti is full of color and home to gorgeous sites of historical and religious significance, such as the Sacred Heart Church.

Other than the church, there are many different ways of spending time in the city, such as taking a stroll through Lamarck Square or visiting the colorful Princess Antoinette Park to take in the sites.

How to Travel Between the Cities in Monaco

Public transport is one of the greatest things about the country, besides the cities between them, offering many different ways to commute between cities.

Whether taking the bus, planning to zip from one location to the other by train, or looking to drive to the destination on your own, many different transport options are at your disposal when it comes to traveling to and from the cities mentioned above in Monaco.

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